WEMW-FIPADOC Window Award!

Happy to announce new documentary project WE HAVE TO SURVIVE in development which was recognised with WEMW-FIPADOC Window Award at FIPADOC International Pitching Forum 2021 and was further presented at the Trieste co-production forum When East Meet West 2021 within DOC Time Machine section!

Mankind is unlikely to stop climate change, but it can adapt to the new, harder conditions. The documentary film WE HAVE TO SURVIVE tells the dramatic stories of people from areas that have been hit by the climate change where life is subject to extremely difficult conditions or is doomed to slow extinction. Four stories from all cardinal directions. The question is how to deal with a world that is balancing on the verge of a climate catastrophe and continue living. The process of adaptation is the basis of the film's narrative. More details about the project find in the category Documentary at the website!